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    these headstones were removed from their original place of burial to make room for a railway in 1865. the ash tree, known as the hardy tree, grew up among the displaced headstones in st. pancras old church.

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    I don’t want it; I don’t need it.

    this scene is even more creepy when you realize Spirited Away was a metaphor for the sex industry in Japan





    "Totoro’s about dead girls!"

    "Spirited Away is about sex!"

    You know what I hear?

    "Maybe if I make up something that sounds smart, people will think I’m smart, even if it’s a complete fucking lie!

    Hayao Miyazaki is a man of values. He’s a man who believes in the innocence of childhood and has a wonderful imagination. He believes in simplicity, kindness, the beauty of nature, and the old ways. He draws on these beliefs and his personal experiences when he makes movies.

    Spirited Away was made for some friends of Miyazaki’s. Specifically, the ten-year-old daughters of some friends he invited to stay at his vacation home. It’s fairly common for Miyazaki to decide that he’s going to make movies targeted at a specific age group. Ponyo is for five-year-olds. Spirited Away is meant for ten-year-old girls, but enjoyed by a much wider audience.


    The bathhouse? Not a brothel. Based on a bathhouse in his home town, which he thought was a place of mystery and wonder when he was a kid. That scene where the bathhouse staff has to clean the polluted river spirit? Based on Miyazaki’s own experiences of a town coming together to clean up a river. This scene? It’s about Chihiro not being greedy, because Chihiro is a positive role-model for ten-year-old girls.

    The themes of Spirited Away are courage, strength of character, and individuality. ESPECIALLY individuality. That thing where Yubaba takes away peoples’ names and changes their species? That’s her taking away their individuality. Chihiro’s parents are now pigs, not people. Haku’s name has been shortened so he forgets who he is. When Yubaba changes Chihiro’s name, the only Kanji she leaves spell out “Sen”, the Japanese word for “one thousand”, meaning Chihiro is just another pawn of Yubaba’s, not her own person.

    You want to seem cool and intelligent? Talk about the movie’s actual themes. Don’t make up this shock-value bullshit for attention.

    You stupid motherfuckers.

    THANK YOU. Hayao Miyazaki is a million times better and above making movies about the sex industry and dead girls. How dare anyone say something so slanderous. I hope they’re embarrassed and ashamed of themselves.

    Not only that, but Miyazaki centers most of his movies on young female characters who overcome whatever challenges they face in the story arc themselves, without male knights in shining armor. Most of his work is decidedly feminist. No one needs this BS pseudo-analysis that Spirited Away, of all movies, is about sex work and exploitation of women. Stop polluting the purest and most innocent of movies that still speak so much about the world we live in and how it changes constantly, what it means to be a child in this world, and what it means to grow up. You see all that happen on screen in the most beautiful animation possible and reflect on yourself and the progress you’ve made in happy tearful nostalgia. 

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    as simple to say “Israel are 100% in the right and will always be in the right”, otherwise the world would have taken action long, long ago. Please don’t lie to us or yourself. Please answer this and if you actually say something thats unbiased then ill be on your side.

    “Just out of principal.”

    You don’t know what you’re talking about.

    As a Palestinian, living currently under ISRAELI OCCUPATION, having lost friends and literally my entire childhood to Israel, you’re asking me why I then hate people who directly support my oppressors? Do you think everyone has your privilege of being far and detached and unaffected?

    "The Palestinians are being oppressed by the Israelis, murdering children and stealing their land" is EXACTLY what is happening. Do you understand power dynamics and structures?

    I’ll make things really simple for you: When the Palestinians do anything, it is in response to a brutal occupation and the ethnic cleansing we’ve been facing for the better part of a century now.

    When the Israelis do something, it’s to uphold their military occupation. It’s to uphold the status quo and their ethnic supremacy at our expense.

    There are worlds of difference between these two, and don’t you ever dare equate them.

    It is not complicated in the slightest. It’ actually very simple, and the mystification of the “current situation” has been an Israeli tactic since day one. If you go back in history, a 5 year old could tell you that a bunch of fresh colonists establishing an ethnocracy at the expense of the indigenous population is point-blank wrong, by any standard.

    You’re incredibly naïve if you think the world would ever take action based on “justice” and not interests. Is that really your standard for morality? Did the world take immediate action with regards to Apartheid South Africa? Algeria? No it took ages for them to move a finger, and it was the efforts of the indigenous population that resulted in victory, not a complacent, apathetic world.

    Your problem is, that you seem to think that you’re so much more sophisticated and enlightened in taking this detached non-stance. Such positions only reinforce the status quo and the narrative of the side with all the power. I don’t need or want your condescending “support” on our side. We have history on our side, we have the solidarity of all decolonizing and marginalized peoples on our side, and the truth.

    And a few dozen years down the line, when Israel is just a bad memory, remember this conversation. Remember that you stood and squabbled on the sidelines, like all “objective” middle grounders.

    Just like the middle grounders on ending child labor, the middle grounders on women’s suffrage, and the middle grounders on the civil rights movement.

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  5. Sehri of champions!

    Sehri of champions!

  6. dil baagh baagh ho-gaya
    [dil bahg bahg ho-gye-ah]
    (proverb) An Urdu and Punjabi, untranslatable phrase literally, meaning “my heart became a garden.” It is a phrase used to expressed overwhelming joy.   (via akaili)
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Guy Billout


    Guy Billout

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I spit on you, your majesties, your excellencies, your highnesses!


    I spit on you, your majesties, your excellencies, your highnesses!

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  9. Misogynistic crap ughhh.

    A friend shared this with me when she read it in an Omani newspaper Ayam. I’m not even totally fluent in Arabic but even then I could understand that this is some of the most disgusting and disturbing shit ever. The title says “Deal wisely with your husband’s anger and abuse in Ramadan” and the article includes suggestions such as Don’t raise your voice! Don’t talk back! Don’t give him fatty foods so that he’ll be lazy when he wants to pray! Feed him honey! Pray that he loves what you cook! Exercise caution! Talk to him nicely cause that’s the key to his heart!

    I’m seething.

    All of this is made worse by the fact that many women will read this seriously and not question the narrative AT ALL because women are conditioned to accept violence and verbal abuse (and at times even physical abuse) as the normal male behavior. Why is it too much for us to expect that men act as basic human beings?? Why is it too much for women to expect that misogynistic trash like this stops circulating in papers???

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    i don’t like people/orgs who seek crisis as an opportune time to increase their agency

    yeah fuck all those T-shirt makers intent on making profits based on Palestinian suffering like solidarity can never be this self serving

    At least there are some who are donating 100% of proceeds to Palestine (and that’s their verbal assurance at the most).

    You have those disgusting people who exploit the Palestinian struggle and be like **~ we give a whole 20% to Palestine!! ~** Like uhh… I hope you can buy back your human decency with the other 80%, you pig.

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  11. Do not allow yourselves to be deluded by the abstract word ‘freedom’. Whose freedom? It is not the freedom of one individual in relation to another, but the freedom of capital to crush the worker.
    Karl Marx on “free trade”, 1848  (via zenarchism)
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    i don’t like people/orgs who seek crisis as an opportune time to increase their agency

    yeah fuck all those T-shirt makers intent on making profits based on Palestinian suffering like solidarity can never be this self serving

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  13. Feminist silence about love reflects a collective sorrow about our powerlessness to free all men from the hold patriarchy has on their minds and hearts.
    bell hooks, Communion: The Female Search for Love (via vul-va)
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  14. I’ve heard a lot of people suggest that Palestinians are stupid for continuing to fire rockets because it gives Israel an excuse to continue this unspeakable carnage. I’d like to respond:

    1. This assertion suggests that Israel would not go on killing otherwise, which is patently false and history has repeatedly proven so, with israel’s repeated violations of various truces and wonton killing sprees when they need to boost sales of military hardware (btw, just watch and see the huge uptick in military exports soon, just like every other time they raped Gaza).

    2. These rockets amount to firecrackers that have hurt no one, and firing them makes perfect sense. If this minimal disruption of normality in Israeli lives is all we can do, then that is what we should do. If the most Palestinians can do is to make it inconvenient for an Israeli couple to enjoy a day of beach, gym and coffee shops while they tear our children’s bodies apart, then that is what we should do.

    3. They are symbolic and radical assertion of an indigenous people’s unbending will to live with dignity in their ancestral homeland.

    4. They are the minimal acts of self-defense of a people against whom unspeakable crimes have never ceased in 60 years.

    5. Saying Hamas is forcing Israel to kill our people is like saying a woman in a tight dress is forcing men to rape her….!!!!!!!

    This blaming the victim narrative is zionist propaganda and has no place in our own discourse.

    Susan Abulhawa (via momo33me)
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  15. Eating my almost week old birthday cake all by myself cause why not



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